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About us

Mermaid Pop was born out of our love for anything mermaid - from little trinkets to nifty household items. In our aim to share this love, we have created hand knitted mermaid blankets that will make any mermaid wannabe feel warm and cozy at the comforts of her own home. 

Our core mission is to save endangered sea turtles by supporting the Save the Sea Turtle Foundation in Florida. For every product sold, we will be donating 10% of the net proceeds.

We have saved 101 turtles.

Our new (and better!) goal is to breed 1,000 sea turtles by the end of 2018.  

To strengthen our mission to save sea turtles, we have added zero waste products in our catalog. It's definitely a win-win situation for the sea turtles. 

We are truly excited to inspire young girls (and not-so-young ladies alike) to take part in this wonderful cause! 

Wanna share some Mermaid love? 

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