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Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Mermaid-obsessed (All Under $50)


Being a mermaid is more than just a fantasy now. More and more kids (and adults alike) have started embracing the mermaid lifestyle and making their mermaid dreams come true!

We have created a gift list so you can now buy the perfect gift for your wannabe mermaid loved ones.

We assure you that even Ariel would want to have her hands on these!


  1. Melody's Seashell Locket

Remember Melody in Little Mermaid II? I'm pretty sure you adored her precious seashell locket necklace. The Mermaid Pop Seashell Locket features a real locket that can be opened. You can store your best BFF photo here!

Buy the Melody's Seashell Locket here

  1. Hologram Seashell Bag

Let's face it, even mermaids can't leave the ocean without carrying a few essentials. Good thing, we have found the perfect Hologram shell bag for all mermaids. Not to mention, anything hologram or 'Holo' as they say it, is so on-trend right now!

Buy the Hologram Shell Bag here

  1. I’m Really a Mermaid Drawstring Bag


Some people are just born a mermaid and you know they can't keep it a secret forever. 

This backpack is definitely a must have for every mermaid on the go.

 Buy the I'm Really a Mermaid Drawstring Bag here

  1. Undercover Mermaid Tee

The Undercover Mermaid Tee is a must-have item for every mermaid!

It features a round neckline and a holographic mermaid print. Pair it with denim pants and sneakers for that ultimate chic casual look. 

Buy the Undercover Mermaid Tee here

    5. Hand Knitted Mermaid Blanket

You can say that we saved the best for last!

Let's have a moment of silence to thank the mermaid gods for this Hand Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket -- made only from high quality materials.

This blanket will definitely make any mermaid warm and cozy in the comforts of her own home. Now that's what you call - mermaid dreamin'. 

It even comes in other colors such as Purple Mauve, Light Pink and Magenta

Buy the Hand Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket here. 


That wraps up our list of the Top 5 Gifts for your Mermaid-obsessed friends ...or even yourself!