Why Us?

  • Money Well Spent

    A percentage of the proceeds of all revenue goes towards saving Sea Turtles. We care for and love sea turtles.

  • Made From the Heart

    Everything made with heart-worthy quality.

  • Free Shipping

    You do not have to worry about shipping. We offer FREE worldwide shipping keep your money where it deserves to be.

Stay Salty

Stay Salty

Mermaid Pop was born out of our love for anything mermaid - from little trinkets to nifty household items. In our aim to share this love, we have created hand knitted mermaid blankets that will make any mermaid feel warm and cozy at the comforts of her own home.

About Us
Mermaid at Heart

Mermaid at Heart

We believe that mermaids are guardians of the sea. Help us fulfill our mission to build Sea Turtle nests by making a purchase. For personal donations/ bulk purchases, hit us up!

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The Goal

When we first started this we had a small goal of 100 dollars. We're over that, we have a new goal now.

  • 17%Almost There
  • $600Target
  • $105Donated

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How long does it take for me to receive my order?

We do our best to process orders within 10-30 business days.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, we can ship an item anywhere in the world!

Where does Mermaid Pop donate?

We donate to the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. They are a non-profit environmental organization that is dedicated to provide educational programming, promote public awareness of Florida's maritime ecosystems, and support sea turtle research.

How much does Mermaid Pop donate?

We donate 10% of net profit to the Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. This money goes to ensuring the protection of sea turtles. We will allot all proceeds into adopting a sea turtle nest.

Can I return or exchange an item?

We have a 14 day return exchange policy. If you want to return an item, you may email us at hello@mermaidpop.com.